Quick Blitz: The Ron Rivera Era Ends in Carolina (Video)

Sheena Quick of Quick Out the Blocks and Vashti Hurt of Carolina Blitz discuss Ron Rivera’s firing.

Without Shaking the Tree You Can’t Get Any Apples: David Tepper Discusses Decision to Fire Ron Rivera

David Tepper met with local media in a round table setting to discuss his decision to move on from Ron Rivera and his future plans for the franchise. Here’s the full audio from that meeting.

Quick Blitz: Panthers vs Redskins (Video)

Sheena Quick of Quick Out the Blocks and Carolina Blitz’s Vashti Hurt discuss Panthers loss to the Redskins.

Carolina Panthers Just Focusing on Getting One Win at A Time (Video)

Ron Rivera and Eric Washington talk about the importance of the Panthers focusing on getting one win as they try to make a late season playoff push.

Graham Gano: This is A Tough One To Swallow (Video)

The Panthers dropped a third game in a row Sunday – making their playoff aspirations harder and harder to attain.  Hear Graham Gano, Ron Rivera, Cam Newton and more talk about the loss in ADSN’s post game report.

Tis The Season: Carolina Panthers Express the Greatness of Giving Back During the Holidays (Video)

Members of the Carolina Panthers have always been very active in the community.  From Cam Newton feeding families Thanksgiving dinner and Greg Olsen leading a hat giveaway that will benefit the Levine Children’s Hospital, to Julius Peppers’ hurricane relief efforts, being…

Ron Rivera: Cam’s Preparation is Key to His Impressive Play (Video)

Cam Newton is playing some of the best football of his career and Ron Rivera says its a testament to changes in his preparation during the week.  Watch he and defensive coordinator Eric Washington discuss takeaways from their win against…

Ron Rivera: Clutch Cam Gets Overlooked Because of His Style of Play (Video)

Guess what?  Cam Newton has more 4th quarter comebacks than Aaron Rodgers.  I know you may be shocked, but that’s because the national media is too busy deeming Rodgers the clutch king to acknowledge Newton’s league-high 15 4th quarter comebacks.…

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