Carolina Panthers

4 Things We Learned from Scott Fitterer’s Press Conference

Panthers’ general manager Scott Fitterer spoke with the media Friday afternoon for the first time since the NFL Combine and Carolina’s free agency splash. Here are five things we learned about the direction of the team.


The Panthers have mulitple directions they can go in the upcoming NFL Draft. Will they fill the role of left tackle or will they draft a franchise quarterback. Both would be understandable moves, but Scott Fitterer says the team’s free agency signings have put them in a position when they’ll be able to not select based on specific need, but the best player available on the board at that time.

Sam Darnold is the QB…For Now:

When asked if the Panthers are closer to keeping quarterback Sam Darnold now than they were three months ago, when they were publicly courting Deshaun Watson to come to Carolina, Fitterer said that Darnold is “on the roster” and “is in the lead for that job” as it sits right now. But don’t sleep, that could change in an instant. Scott has shown he has no problem picking up the phone to hear trade offers and said that he will make the quarterback room as competitive as possible in efforts to stabilize that position.

The Door is Still Open:

Everyone wants to know if the Panthers will bring back free agents Cam Newton and Stephon Gilmore. The short answer is, we don’t know. The team and both players have had discussions about returning, but Fitterer emphasized that it has to be a right fit for Carolina and two vets who place a high emphasis on winning late in their careers.

5th Year Option:

It wasn’t much of a surprise, but Fitt confirmed that the team will pick up Brian Burns’ 5th year option and said inking a long-term deal with the edge rusher is a “priority.”

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